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Thing to Consider While Choosing the Right Hot Water System

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  • 29 - 09 - 2020
  • By Heritage Plumbing

Choosing the Right Hot Water System

Most people rely on hot water every day. Whether you need hot water to have a nice warm shower, to wash the dishes in the kitchen or to wash the clothes on the weekend, hot water is a basic need and requirement. Whatever the reason might be, all Melbourne households and commercial properties will have a hot water system installed. A hot water system can be adjusted so that you can set the right temperature for the water in accordance with your preference. There are many types of hot water systems that are used on a regular basis. Newer types include the solar hot water system and the heat pump hot water system.

If you are considering purchasing a new hot water system or updating an existing hot water system, you will need to choose the right hot water system for your property and consumption requirements. Depending on your needs and preferences, there are many types available for hot water system installation. Speak to your plumber or contact the supplier to understand more about the differences so that you can make an informed decision. To help guide you in the right direction, here is some important information about the type, size, fuel and cost of hot water systems.


The two main types of hot water systems include storage and continuous flow. A storage hot water system will heat up the water and store it in a tank at the set temperature ready for use. However, the limit is that once the hot water in the storage tank has been used fresh water will need to be heated again. A continuous flow hot water system will provide an endless supply of hot water that is heated up instantly when the tap is turned on. You might experience a short flow of cold water as the water heats up. It is recommended to install these hot water systems close to the kitchen because that is where most of the hot water is used during the day.


Hot water systems are available in a range of sizes. Storage hot water units have tank sizes ranging from 25 litres to 500 litres. Depending on the number of people residing at the property, the usage requirements and the availability of water, you will need to consider an appropriate size that will serve you well. The instantaneous hot water systems are available in much smaller sizes ranging between 16 to 50 litres because they provide an instant continuous flow of hot water. The average size installed in Melbourne properties is around 26 litres.


Hot water systems can be powered by either gas, electricity or solar power. The latter unit tends to also be available in split-system so that you have hot water available even where there is not enough solar energy available (e.g. cloudy days). Gas and electric powered are used equally across most households and the preference tends to be guided by the cost of electricity and gas in your area and the rates set by your energy retailer. In addition, heat pump hot water systems (which are electric powered) use a heat exchange to absorb the heat from the outside air to heat up the water ready for use.

Cost Of Hot Water Services

The cost of a hot water system includes the unit itself, any modifications or fittings required, the installation cost and ongoing maintenance and service costs. All units are priced differently depending on the type, size and manufacturer. On average the cost of a hot water system installed at a property ranges between $1,000 and $3,000. Then there are ongoing service costs depending on how the unit is being used and whether it develops any maintenance issues along the way.

At Heritage Plumbing Group, we supply and install leading hot water systems. Whether you need to install a new hot water system, hot water repairs, hot water services, or need a professional to diagnose a fault with your hot water system, remember to call a licenced plumber and gasfitter who has the knowledge, skills and experience. For further information, to ask a question or to make a booking, contact the team on (03) 9498 0458.

FAQs – Choosing the Right Hot Water System

Question: What types of the hot water system are there?

Answer: The types of hot water systems include electric hot water systems, gas hot water systems, continuous flow gas hot water heater, instantaneous electric hot water, solar hot water unit, electric storage tanks and heat pump water systems. We can supply and install all types.

Question: How long do hot water systems last?

Answer: Hot water systems last a long time if maintained well, serviced regularly and treated with care. Like any system, usage does wear out the system so you can probably expect between 8-20 years of use if serviced appropriately and depending on the materials used to manufacture the product. For example, stainless steel hot water services last longer than Vitreous enamel hot water services.

Question: Are heat pump hot water systems any good?

Answer: Heat pump system absorbs heat from the surrounding air and uses that source of heat to increase the temperature of the water. Heat pump technology uses renewable energy and can save costs in the long-term but are generally more expensive to purchase. Heat pumps reduce carbon emissions.

Question: How long does heat pump take to heat water?

Answer: The time it takes for a heat pump to heat water will depend on the surrounding climate and environment. In colder climates, the heat pump will need to work harder to heat up the water. Otherwise, the heat pumps tend to work quite well in average climates.

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