Developing Hydraulic Infrastructure at Heritage Listed Property

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  • 14 - 05 - 2020
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Developing Hydraulic Infrastructure at Heritage Listed Property

Jack’s Magazine, located on the banks of the Maribyrnong River, Maribyrnong, and established in 1878, is undergoing refurbishment. Listed as a heritage property, the property was used by Victoria’s military arm to store explosives during the gold rush through to WWII. Constructed from bluestone and set within a blast mound surrounded by a canal, the site is an expression of Victoria’s history and industrial brilliance. Still standing strong for over 140 years, Working Heritage has been appointed to conserve and revitalise the site for new uses.


Jack’s Magazine is on the Victorian Heritage Register and it is recognised for its architectural, historical and technological significance. Working Heritage sought responses from interested contractors to consider improvements to the site so that it can be opened to the public. With its doors closed since the 1990s, Jack’s Magazine is a place that showcases Victoria’s vibrant history in relation to its military and munitions storage capabilities. Given it is still functioning today, the explosives were well-managed while in storage for approximately 115 years.


Heritage Plumbing Group expressed an interest to assist Working Heritage with this project. We are currently implementing the hydraulic infrastructure to this heritage listed property with separate buildings on site. We are drilling 180 mm PE fire service water pipes from the top of the cliff with an 8 meter drop and into the main building set within the mound. We will install separate sewer manholes into the existing city west water main, which will act as inspection access points into the live sewer works.


These industrial plumbing works are critical to ensuring the operability and sustainability of Jack’s Magazine. It has not yet been confirmed for what purpose the site will be used in the future. Working Heritage is currently working with interested proponents to discuss the site’s future. To ensure that willing and able entities come forward to express their interest, the foundational plumbing infrastructure needs to be in exceptional working order.


At Heritage Plumbing Group, we support both Government and private sector organisation with industrial plumbing solutions. In addition to residential and commercial plumbing services, our team are skilled, qualified and experienced to work in large teams on projects that are driven to benefit the Victorian community. We are proud to be engaged in this project to help reinvigorate what was once an operational site for a new and modern purpose.


To have a confidential discussion about an industrial plumbing project or to invite us to submit a response to a tender or expression of interest, feel free to speak to a team member on (03) 9498 0458.


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