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Gas Appliance Installation Lalor

  • Case Studies
  • 25 - 05 - 2020
  • By Heritage Plumbing

Gas Appliance Installation Lalor

Sam and his fiancé decided it was time to update their kitchen.


Sam contacted Heritage Plumbing Group for a quote to replace his existing gas stove with a new gas stove.


Roger attended to assess to ensure that the stove could be replaced without further modifications to the kitchen cabinetry and fixtures have given current gas regulations.


Roger was comfortable that the like-for-like replacement was allowed and proceeded to isolate the gas supply, remove the existing gas stove and replace it with the new gas stove.


Sam was happy with how Roger suggested new gas stove models for him and his fiancé to consider. With the new stove commissioned and tested, and the old stove taken from the site and disposed of.


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