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Toilet Repairs Eltham

  • Case Studies
  • 24 - 06 - 2020
  • By Heritage Plumbing

Toilet Repairs Eltham

Marcus noticed his toilet cistern wouldn’t flush at his property in Eltham. When he and his family would use the toilet and attempt to flush the toilet, nothing would happen. He became concerned because the toilet could not be used, especially when everyone was working and studying from home.


Marcus immediately contacted Heritage Plumbing Group and spoke to Allan who organised for Matt to attend. Toilet repairs require a qualified plumber to assess the mechanical issue with the appliance.


Upon arrival, Matt diagnosed the issue and isolated the water to the toilet, removed the flushing mechanism, completed the repairs and reconnected.


The toilet is now flushing as it should, and the solution did not require a replacement toilet!


Marcus was glad to know that the issue could be resolved without too much cost and time inconvenience.

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