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Toilet Repairs and Services in Melbourne

A faulty toilet can be both complicated and unpleasant. Let us put your mind at ease by repairing it for you.

The nature of toilet repairs is tricky. It can often be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of an issue and therefore may require thorough testing and investigation. At Heritage Plumbing, we’ve seen every possible toilet issue you could imagine, and we’ve done everything from leaking toilet service to full toilet replacements service in Melbourne.

Signs you have a broken toilet in need of repair, include:

  • Leaks
  • Constantly running water in the bowl
  • Noisy cisterns
  • Large water bills
  • It won’t flush
  • Sewage smell

The cause of these issues can vary. Thankfully, every member of our Toilet Repair expert team is fully equipped with the extensive tools and training required to effectively and efficiently diagnose and repair the root of the issue.

Though sometimes finding the precise cause of a toilet issue can take time and perseverance, our Melbourne team always gets to the bottom of the problem and provides the best solution. In the rare case your toilet is irreparable, we will always provide the most efficient and economic solution for you.

If you need your toilet repaired in Melbourne, call us today on 03 9498 0458.

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