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Water Leak Detection Broadmeadows

  • Case Studies
  • 12 - 07 - 2020
  • By Heritage Plumbing

Water Leak Detection Broadmeadows

Matt started hearing a trickling noise in the bathroom. Upon further inspection of the bathroom appliances, Matt discovered his toilet cistern was leaking and kept running even after use.


Joan, his wife, was concerned that their water bill would be very high. Joan contacted Heritage Plumbing Group and explained the issue. She requested a same-day call out.


Familiar with these leaks, Allan attended and gave Joan and Matt the option of replacing the inlet valve, or the cistern. As it was more cost-effective to replace the cistern, the couple approved this option.


Matt arranged to order a new matching cistern and the existing cistern was removed and replaced, and the leak resolved. Joan was impressed with Matt’s water leak detection capabilities given the source of the leak.

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