Awards & Recognitions

Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

Australian Enterprises Awards

Heritage Plumbing Group is proud to be a recipient of the Australian Enterprise Award 2020 from APAC Insider. APAC Insider is a digital publication established in 2015 to serve the economies in the Asia Pacific region. Given Australia is a strong economy in the region, APAC Insider promotes businesses that serve an important function and shares tips and tricks to lead successful businesses and design progressive industries.

The Enterprise Award recognises enterprises that play a pivotal role to help support the Australian community and economy in general. It showcases business efforts that should be followed by others and recognises business practices that achieve a positive outcome for society. Australia’s economy is strengthened by the businesses that play an important role in offering necessary services to the community.

Heritage Plumbing Group has been recognised for offering valuable services in Australia. We are thrilled to be recognised for this award and thank those who nominated us. The criteria used by APAC Insider to assess nominations include business performance, longevity, diversification, growth (either sustained or rapid), significant innovations and feedback from stakeholders.

Most Trusted Local Plumbing Company in Melbourne 2020

Most Trusted Local Plumbing Company Melbourne

Heritage Plumbing Group has taken the ‘Most Trusted Local Plumbing Company – Melbourne 2020’ award from APAC Insider. This award recognises local plumbing companies throughout Australia that have developed amazing rapport with customers and are trusted plumbing service providers in the community. While many plumbing businesses exist, our point of difference is to ensure that our customers feel confident in engaging us.
Our approach to scoping and performing our work is to understand the customer’s concerns, discuss the available options and to find a solution that suits the customer’s needs, timeframe and budget. We recognise that these aspects of our approach build trust in the community and enable our customers to engage us without worrying about overcharging or lack of transparency. With open communication about the plumbing matter, we help our customers rectify the issue effectively before it escalates.

Our team work hard to develop their skills, stay up to date with plumbing standards and implement new techniques to complete the job better. This approach to the plumbing trade helps to position us as a professional, expert and reliable plumbing business that is aware of recognised and leading practices and procedures. Our customers feel comfortable engaging us because we take pride in the work we complete.

Service Seeking’s Top Businesses award for 2020

Service Seeking Top Businesses award 2020

Heritage Plumbing Group has been recognised by as a Top Business in 2020. helps businesses promote their services to consumers who need tasks to be completed. Their website and mobile application make it easy to find trade businesses in Victoria who have the right skills, qualifications and experience.

This award is a remarkable achievement for us and recognises the value that we provide to our customers. We thank all users for taking the time to use to find trades for their jobs and for making the effort to engage with us when we respond with a quotation. Out of the 180,000 businesses registered on, we are proud to have been recognised as a leader in the plumbing and gas-fitting industries.

We value the importance of our relationships with our customers and the platform helps us to connect better with them. We are thrilled that our local community in Victoria values our services and continues to choose us for their plumbing and gas-fitting requirements. We will continue to expand and innovate our services to meet the requirements of our customers.