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How to Unblock A Drain – 11 Tips Solve Blocked Drain Problem

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  • 22 - 06 - 2020
  • By Heritage Plumbing

A blocked drain is a common occurrence that can occur for various reasons. A drain might be blocked because the foreign matter was flushed down a toilet and has now become stuck in the u-trap, or the root of a tree has penetrated the pipe and is preventing the water from passing through. Given it is difficult to understand the exact cause of a blocked drain without an in-person inspection, it is always wise to engage a blocked drain plumber. Blocked drains Melbourne is common so speak to a blocked drain plumber Melbourne for an immediate response.


When you have a blocked drain avoid trying to resolve the issue yourself. Blocked drain chemicals and tools that are not designed for blocked drains, can make the situation worse. For example, the chemicals can react with the pipe or the tool can puncture a plumbing fitting. It is important that you engage a skilled and experienced blocked drain plumber for drain blockage Melbourne. The plumber can consider a blocked drain repair that will resolve the issue in a cost and time-effective manner.


Here are 11 quick tips to solve a blocked drain problem.


1. Clean the strainer

All bathroom, kitchen and laundry appliances come with a strainer so that the water can pass through while retaining any foreign matter that should be deposited in the bin. Ensure that you clean the strainer daily for good hygiene purposes to avoid nasty bacteria forming and a terrible odour.


2. Don’t pour grease, paint or chemicals

Grease from cooking, chemicals from cleaning and paint left over after painting should not be deposited down the drain. These substances contain other matter that does not dissolve in water and will form against the side of the pipe or damage the plumbing fittings. Ensure that such liquids are deposited in a bag that is tied up and placed into the waste bin.


3. Use only flushable toilet paper and wipes

When using the toilet, make sure that you use flushable and degradable toilet paper and wipes. Using other items such as cloth, newspaper or other like items will not dissolve or flush with water. This can cause the sewer pipes to become clogged and blocked.


4. Use a plunger

Use a plunger regularly to ensure that your drains do not become clogged. A plunger uses air to create a vacuum to enable the pressure of the air to move the contents inside a pipe. This can be an effective method when the pipes are not too clogged, and the water can pass through.


5. Natural cleaners

The age-old natural cleaners such as bi-carbonate soda and white vinegar are useful agents to keep drains clean and odour-free. It is important to dilute these agents in water so that they can pass through the pipes freely without becoming stuck.


6. Boiling water

Boiling water can help to clear blocked drains. To ensure that your plumbing pipes are free from gunk and other nasty materials, boiling water can help to release the items that have deposited on the walls of the plumbing pipes.


7. Plumber’s auger

An auger is a handy plumbing tool to ensure that drains that are experiencing signs of clogging can be cleared before the pipes become blocked. An auger is a device with a long and flexible metal pipe that can be inserted into a plumbing pipe and rotated to drill through foreign matter stuck in pipes. Once the metal pipe is released, it will pull out the unsightly waste!


8. CCTV inspection

A CCTV inspection device can be inserted into plumbing pipes to ensure that the plumbing network is clear of blockages. This device is a handy tool to give you a line of sight over all the nasty things that occur in plumbing pipes. This tool can help to isolate the issue and target the treatment and repair.


9. Jet water

Using jet technology to allow short bursts of water to clean pipes is another effective method to clear blocked drains. This technique is commonly used for stormwater drains and downpipes where leaves or other debris have caused the outdoor drains to become clogged.


10. Excavate and repair

To avoid drains becoming blocked on a regular basis, it is important to ensure that any inherent issues with the plumbing network are repaired. This may require excavation works, but the outcome will be that your plumbing system will operate effectively without blockages in the future.


11. Engage a plumber

For an immediate and effective response, engage a plumber to inspect that all drains are performing correctly. Plumbers have the right tools and know-how to isolate the issue and apply the proper techniques to keep drains clear from foreign deposits.


At Heritage Plumbing Group, we specialise in a comprehensive and extensive range of plumbing services. Our team is trained to provide the best solution to any plumbing issue you might have. We provide a rapid response on all emergency work, meaning that when you need a professional Melbourne plumber for an urgent job, we attend to the situation and make sure it’s handled to your satisfaction and meets the highest possible safety standards.


If you require any further information about plumbing matters, including unblocking a drain, give the team at Heritage Plumbing Group a call on (03) 9498 0458.


Blocked Drain FAQs

What are blocked drains?

A blocked drain occurs when the water will not flow through the pipe. Foreign matter is blocking the passage of water and has completely formed a barrier inside the pipe. A drain in this situation must be unblocked by a plumber who has the right tools and experience to not cause any damage during the process.


What is responsible for blocked drain?

The cause of a blocked drain is foreign matter that does not dissolve in water. Hair, soap suds, cotton threads, and other materials can enter a drain and remain clogged in the middle or against the side of a pipe. Ensure that your drains are clear to avoid blockages.


Does toilet paper block drains?

Off-the-shelf toilet paper from supermarkets should not block drains. However, if you substitute toilet paper with items such as newspaper, linen, fabric, plastic or other like materials you may clog the drain which can lead to expensive repairs.


How much should a plumber charge for unblocking a drain?

The cost to unblock a drain depends on the extent of the blockage. If a blockage is located near the inspection points or pipe openings the cost might be lower compared to pipes underneath the property. The plumber will charge you based on the hours required to unblock the drain and any materials used in the process.


What are the signs of blocked drains?

If you have an odd smell coming from your kitchen, bathroom or laundry area or you can hear a gurgling sound as the water drains out, you may have a blocked drain. Blocked drains should be cleared so that the water can flow freely into the sewer pipes without any issues.


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