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Which is better, Whirlybird or Solar Roof Vent?

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  • 10 - 11 - 2020
  • By Heritage Plumbing

Whirlybird or Solar Roof Vent?

Roof ventilation helps support a healthy flow of air throughout the property. Installing Solar Roof Vents for roof space is a great way to facilitate the flow of air, keep the roof space cool, reduce moisture build-up and dampness, and support the environment. The highly effective self-powered device that relies on solar energy to optimise internal temperature and regulate air flow is becoming increasingly popular. The Solar Vent is easy to install with no mess, no wiring and no complicated and invasive procedures. Many people ask us why we recommend Solar Vent over Whirlybirds. We explain the reasons here and show you why Solar Vent is the leading roof ventilation technology.

Controllable roof ventilation

Solar Roof Vent is taking the lead over Whirlybirds. Common in Australia, Whirlybirds are effectively the simple option to ventilate your roof. While they are cheaper and easy to install, they are not as effective. Without any power, Whirlybirds rely on wind power to rotate the internal fan. Solar Vent uses solar energy to power a quiet brushless motor to improve the property’s roof ventilation capabilities by only working when required. For example, in Winter you would not want your Whirlybird operating to remove precious heat from the property. Unfortunately, you cannot control the Whirlybird so it will continue to operate whenever there is wind. However, Solar Vents can be controlled so that the property stays warm inside when temperatures are low.

Better cooling capabilities

Whirlybirds rely on wind power, whereas Solar Vents store solar energy in a battery so that they can be powered at any time whether there is wind or no breeze. In hotter climates where there is no wind, Whirlybirds are not effective. According to recent tests, Solar Vents can contribute the same power as 10 Whirlybirds without the need for wind. They are not as effective as cooling the property during summer when compared to Solar Vents.

A Solar Vent can be controlled using a thermostat so that the internal temperature is set in accordance with the current climate. Its clever technological interface means that it will operate more effectively when the climate is dry and hot. How clever is that!

Power when you need it

The energy-efficient Solar Vent’s fan is powered by solar energy. It can sense when the temperature is increasing in the roof cavity and will activate as required using stored energy. Even during winter when there is overcast, Solar Vent is effective at drawing down on stored energy (which will take longer to accumulate when there are clouds) and equalising indoor and outdoor temperatures to avoid mould and fungus build up. This helps to protect the structure of the property and ensure a healthy space exists inside the property for the occupants.

Hassle-free installation

Installing the Solar Vent is quick and simple. Depending on the pitch of the roof and the type of roof, standard installation procedures are followed. When we install Solar Vent, we customise the surrounding skirt flashing to suit your roof design to ensure that no water, debris or other foreign matter enters your roof cavity and causes unnecessary problems. With the device fully assembled, tested and commissioned, Solar Vent is ready for immediate use and comes with a 2-year warranty.

At Heritage Plumbing Group we install Solar Vents for all properties. For a quote to supply and install Solar Vents at your property, contact us on 03 9498 0458. Contact us today to learn more or to make a booking!

Still confused which is better Whirlybird or Solar Vent? Talk to our plumbing experts today and get an expert opinion.

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