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Utility Plumbing Services in Melbourne

Gas, Sewer and water Main Installation Services in Melbourne

At Heritage Plumbing, we are responsible for undertaking many large utilities projects that are currently being carried out around Australia.

We work with a number of different types of underground utility lines, including gas, water and sewer mains. At the moment, we have been inducted to complete The Mains Renewal Program that is being conducted across the country.

We contract to the three asset managers of the gas supply network in Victoria. They are:

  • APA Group
  • AusNet Services
  • Multinet

Gas Main Installation Melbourne

The ‘Mains Renewal Projects’ is essentially an ongoing pro-active program that covers gas networks across the country, including Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. Many of these networks are still utilising the old cast iron pipes, unprotected steel and PVC. We replace these with safer and more sustainable polyethylene pipes.

As our infrastructure continues to grow and our country continues to develop, it is crucial that our underground pipe network keeps up with it. These works are necessary to make sure that the gas supply being provided to residents and all users of utilities are safe, secure and reliable. Over time, the older pipes have become at risk of gas leakages and water ingress, and operating pressure must also be increased in order to meet consumer demand.

In order to improve our gas infrastructure, we utilise a method that creates very little to no disruption. Basically, we insert the new polyethylene pipe (a highly flexible and highly corrosion resistant material) inside the original main. The impact of this is that there is no requirement for us to dig up entire trench pipes.

Water and Sewer Main Installation Melbourne

When undertaking water main installation, we are, in essence, creating pipelines that send water to homes, offices and all other buildings; while also providing fire protection to hydrants. One of the key objectives of water main installation is to create the infrastructure for ongoing growth and development.

With sewer main installation, we are creating and refreshing the networks responsible for clearing the sewage from your property and getting it to the treatment plant. Our country actually has quite a complex water and sewer network that transports clean water into your property and wastewater out of your property; and it’s our job to make sure that the lines responsible for the transportation are the most effective and efficient that they can be.

If you are an organisation responsible for handling Australia’s utilities, and you need gas, water or sewer works completed by a team of responsible professionals, look no further. Contact us today on 03 9498 0458.

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