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Hot Water Plumber Craigieburn

  • Case Studies
  • 03 - 07 - 2020
  • By Heritage Plumbing

Hot Water Plumber Craigieburn

On a late Friday afternoon after a hard day’s work, Marjory discovered she had no hot water coming from her shower.


She checked her laundry and kitchen and noticed the same issue. Confused about what had happened given hot water flowed earlier in the day when she washed the dishes, Marjory contacted Heritage Plumbing Group who arranged an emergency call out.


Matt attended, inspected the hot water system and discovered the water valve was stuck shut in the hot water system. The position of the valve prevented water flowing out when the hot water tap was turned on.


He supplied and fitted a new valve, relit the hot water service and left Marjory with hot water in time for the weekend! Marjory was appreciative of the quick response given the cool Melbourne climate.

Hot Water System Installation and Repairs


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