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Supporting the Waratah Place Project, Melbourne CBD

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  • 12 - 05 - 2020
  • By Heritage Plumbing
Supporting the Waratah Place Project

Heritage Plumbing Group is assisting CitiPower with its $250 million ‘Security of Supply’ upgrade to the electricity network for Melbourne’s CBD. The objective of the Waratah Place Project is to ensure that if unexpected events occur on major electricity supply lines, such as extreme weather, fires, traffic accidents or infrastructure failures, then the electricity network has a ‘double backup’ to provide continuous supply of electricity to homes and businesses in the CBD.


This important project has been commissioned to ensure businesses can continue to operate if there are two major electricity outages. The economic value of businesses operating in the Melbourne CBD accounts for approximately 25% of Victoria’s total economic output. It is essential that electricity outages do not cause businesses to stop operating, even temporarily. Outages can cause businesses to slow work output, not assist customers in a timely manner and lower the commitment of funds to business growth activities.


At Waratah Place, an electricity substation exists. The upgrade to this substation will help limit the length of an electricity outage to a maximum of 30 minutes. If an electricity outage occurs, the substation will be able to distribute electricity back to businesses and households in a relatively timely manner. This project is essential given current times when the economy is weak and needs to grow strongly to previously seen levels. It will assist to minimise business disruption and ensure that workplaces are operating productively.


We have been engaged at present to isolate the gas supply and relocate it to the affected properties along with reconfiguring gas fitting lines and testing the gas consumer fitting line on each property. As a third-party contractor, we work closely with the project lead and team to ensure that our services are complying with timelines, project scope, regulations and other considerations during the pandemic. All work completed by us during the Waratah Place Project is to a high standard required by CitiPower and the group of contractors working hard to complete this project effectively.


We are proud to be involved in such an important project that has been designed for the benefit of the Melbourne CBD. At Heritage Plumbing Group, we provide industrial plumbing services in addition to residential and commercial plumbing services. We assist Government departments, utility companies, private contractors and project leads with industrial plumbing works for the benefit of Victoria. Our qualified and experienced plumbers are highly sought after for their technical ability and ability to work seamlessly and effectively with other contractors.


To arrange for a confidential discussion about an industrial plumbing project or to invite us to submit a response to a tender, speak to the team at Heritage Plumbing Group on (03) 9498 0458.


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