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Coronavirus Prevention Update! Don’t Flush Tissues, Paper towels & Wet Wipes

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  • 18 - 03 - 2020
  • By Heritage Plumbing
Coronavirus Prevention Update

The latest pandemic across the globe is the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Given its infancy, health professionals are unsure about how to cure the virus once it has infected an individual. Individuals are being cautioned to take active steps to avoid contracting the virus, within reason. Unfortunately, this issue has caused some individuals to act unreasonably especially in relation to the purchase and use of personal hygiene products such as tissues, paper towels, wet wipes and toilet paper. The irresponsible disposal of these items can cause plumbing issues.


The virus is causing widespread disruption and health professionals have forecast circumstances will worsen over time. To abate the spread of the virus strain, Governments across the world are taking active steps to educate the public about personal hygiene and social distancing, inject economic stimulus to sustain the economy and take legislative action to enforce measures which will lessen the effects of the virus on the economy and community.


Business, not-for-profits, other organisations and individuals can all take steps to ensure that the effects of the coronavirus are not long-lasting. In particular, practicing responsible personal hygiene measures is critical. However, undertaking these practices carelessly can cause unnecessary consequences. These consequences may include plumbing disruption because inappropriate items are disposed down sink drains or flushed in toilets causing unexpected blockages and water leaks.


It is important that members of the public stay calm and take rationale steps to avoid unnecessary errors and costs. We often see careless decisions being made in times of panic and the repair bills can be high. To help the public make well-informed decisions, here are a few quick tips to have in mind.


1. Think twice before flushing

Do not flush tissues

Do not flush items other than toilet paper down toilets. If you do not have toilet paper handy, using an alternative form of paper or cloth is recommended. However, ensure that these items are disposed in the rubbish and not down the toilet. While you might think that the items will become saturated and pass through the pipes, unnecessary blockages in sewer pipes can occur.

2. Flush responsibly

save water

Think about what you flush and how often. Water is a scarce resource and it is important to limit the amount of toilet paper you use and the amount of flushes you make during the day. Unnecessary waste in the sewer system costs local water authorities millions of dollars to clean. Also, flushing frequently wastes precious water too.

3. Use sanitisers

use sanitisers

The bathroom and toilet house nasty germs and bacteria. Avoid contracting the coronavirus by regularly cleaning the bathroom and toilet, and using sanitisation applicants on the toilet seat before use. This will ensure that the virus is cleared from surfaces prior to human contact.

4. Wash your hands thoroughly

wash your hands

It is recommend to wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds after you have used the bathroom or toilet. After you have thoroughly washed your hands, dry your hands completely using an electric dyer or paper towel. Again, be responsible when using paper towels to minimise waste.

5. Purchase responsibly

purchase responsibly

The panic is causing individuals to purchase goods irresponsibly. Over-purchasing is now common as people fear that a lockdown may cause them to not access non-perishable items. While this may occur, purchasing within reason is a responsible approach so that other members of the community can purchase the goods that they require. Please consider others before over-purchasing on essential items.


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