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How Much Do Plumbers Cost in Melbourne – Updated 2024

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  • 25 - 10 - 2018
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How Much Does a Plumber Cost Per Hour in Melbourne? 2019

Many homeowners often ask, “How much does a plumber cost per hour in Melbourne?” Well like everything else, the standard plumbing charges in Melbourne, Australia varies based on the severity of the plumbing issue. In fact, some, plumbing problems may start off small, but if left unattended for too long, can become a major problem, which can significantly increase the repair cost.

Australian plumbing cost is also based on the plumber’s credentials and experience. Plumbers with more experience and who provide higher quality work often charge more for their services. Nonetheless, there are some standard plumbing charges that you should expect to pay regardless of the level off experience. Below is more information about the average plumbing rate per hour along with flat rates that most plumbers charge in the Melbourne area.

Plumbing Cost Based on Experience

As local plumbers, we at Heritage Plumbing Group have been asked by many homeowners, “How much do plumbers charge in Melbourne? Based on our experience, the costs for entry-level plumbers – which are typically plumbers that have less than five years of experience – earn an average salary of AU$ 65,000. Although this is an average amount that is earned on an annual basis, it also includes bonuses, overtime pay and tips.


Plumbers that have five to 10 years of experience typically earn an average of AU$75,000 on an annual basis. Plumbers that have 10 to 20 years of experience typically earn AU$80,000 and those with more than 20 years of experience generally earn AU$85,000 each year.

Plumbing Cost Based on Type of Plumber

The Australian plumbing cost indicated above may be what a master plumber pays their employees, however if hiring a local plumber for service work directly, you should expect to pay similar amounts for independent contractors with the same level of experience indicated above, and slightly higher amounts for larger plumbing companies to cover the cost of overhead and other general and administrative expenses.

Plumbing Cost Based on the Job

Plumbing costs also vary based on the type of job that needs to be performed. For example, when having repair work performed for a leaking faucet, you should expect to pay between $145 and $210. You should expect to pay around the same amount to have a leaky toilet repaired. If you need to have a new shower head or a basin cap installed, you can expect to pay approximately $250. To have a new toilet installed, the general cost is about $180 to $550. Whereas, the cost to have a hot water heater serviced or replaced, you can expect to pay up to $1,200. For those who are interested in solar hot water installations, the price could start as low as $3,500 and could run as high as $12,000.


For other major plumbing jobs such as to have the entire drainage system replaced, you can expect to pay anywhere between $4,500 to $30,000.


The average plumbing rates per hour obviously various as well. They would be based on what plumbers earn on an annual basis calculated on an hourly basis.  Otherwise, customers can expect to pay a flat rate based on each job assignment.

Other Cost Considerations

Sometimes plumbers are unaware of the unknowns that may not be as apparent until after they begin the job. Hence, you should be sure to ask them about additional work that may be required as their work assignment progresses, as opposed to waiting until the job is completed and then providing you with a much larger bill than expected.


Additionally, customers who leave plumbers waiting can also be charged extra for that additional time as well; especially if they are being charged by the hour.


Customers who take the time to get quotes from multiple licensed plumbers in their area are more likely to have more accurate estimates and a better overall sense of what the final cost will be. We encourage you to ensure you have a detailed discussion with an of our team to understand the process and what is involved in the work being undertaken.


Higher plumbing cost for emergency jobs or for after hour jobs may also result in higher cost as well.


Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that when you are determining the cost of a plumber in Melbourne, only a licensed plumber can’t perform all plumbing jobs that you may be faced with. Unlicensed plumbers have restrictions and cannot legally perform plumbing services restricted to licensed plumbers. To that end, plumbers with a license have a lot more to lose. They must operate within the standards required by law and can also be threatened with complaints being filed against them by unsatisfied customers.


If you have more information about the plumbing costs in Melbourne, please feel free to leave a comment below.  Otherwise, for more information about the average plumbing rates per hour or standard plumbing charges, please contact Heritage Plumbing Group at 03 9498 0458, we’d love to hear from you.

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