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Whirlybird Installation Melbourne

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Whirlybird Installation Melbourne

At Heritage Plumbing, we provide a wide range of roofing services –  that are uniquely customised to your property needs.

If you live in Melbourne and need assistance with roof maintenance, roof construction, roof replacement, roof plumbing, and roof reconstruction, you can rely on Heritage Plumbing Group to have a solution for you.

This also includes roof whirlybird installation.

Whirlybirds are a great way to ventilate your house for those hot summer months.

However, let’s be honest, when you live in Melbourne, you never know when that next surprise hot day is going to pop up, so it’s great practice to consider a whirlybird installation at any time of the year.

What’s the purpose of whirlybirds?

The majority of homes have some kind of heat trapped in their roof cavity, which can make it overly warm and unpleasant, particularly when the weather heats up.

A whirlybird is a wind-powered roof ventilator that helps to dramatically cool your home without using any electricity. They are low-maintenance and have benefits beyond just cooling your house.

Roof ventilators reduce the temperature in your house by as many as 20 degrees in the summer by drawing hot and humid air up and out through the roof.

Whirlybirds are often installed to help people better manage their power bills thanks to more efficient heating and cooling, whilst ensuring their houses are well-ventilated.

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How do whirlybirds work?

Whirlybirds use cylindrical domes with fins that rotate in the wind to create a vacuum, drawing warm air from a roof cavity and lowering it’s temperature.

Whirlybirds are roof-mounted, wind-driven aluminium ventilators that exhaust heat and moisture from a home’s roof cavity.

By doing this, a whirlybird can cool the temperature in a hot house considerably by facilitating the removal of excess heat.

In the cooler months, proper ventilation ensures that dampness and moisture is not trapped in the roof space.

As they are completely driven by wind, they cost absolutely nothing to run on an ongoing basis and are remarkably durable, meaning they are inexpensive to maintain once installed.

How much does whirlybird installation cost?

Whirlybirds are a low-cost option to significantly increase the energy efficiency and reduce the heating and cooling costs of your house.

Installation costs vary slightly depending on roof access, the number of whirlybirds required to properly ventilate your property and other factors.

The best way to determine costs for a whirlybird roof vent installation on your property is to contact Heritage Plumbing to get a quote.

Our experienced team will be able to provide you a quote very quickly so you can get on with the job.

How many whirlybirds do I need?

The general recommendation is that you should install one or two whirlybirds per 90m2 of available roof space.

Of course, every roof is different and there are a range of factors that might mean this general rule does not apply.

For example, the pitch of a roof might mean more or less whirlybirds are required.

In general, the bigger the roof space of your home, the more whirlybirds you will require to properly ventilate that space.

As part of the quoting process, Heritage Plumbing will be able to let you know how many whirlybirds you need to ensure your property is properly ventilated and achieves the desired outcomes.

Whirlybird or solar vent?

At Heritage Plumbing, we do typically advocate for solar vents over whirlybirds.

This is typically because with a solar vent roof installation, you get the benefits of:

•   Controllable roof ventilation

•   Better cooling capabilities

•   Additional power capabilities

Of course, there are some great advantages to whirlybirds as well, such as lower installation and maintenance costs.

Chat to us today to find out which option is best for you.

Whirlybird Roof Vents Installation Service Melbourne

When it comes to whirlybird roof installations in Melbourne, you can’t go past Heritage Plumbing Group.

We have all roof installation, roof repair, and roof cleaning services covered in Melbourne and whirlybird installation is certainly another area of expertise for our roofing plumbers.

At Heritage Plumbing, we take pride in providing the best level of roofing services and support while keeping our rates reasonable. Our team has done all possible kinds of roofing jobs and knows how to go above and beyond to achieve the perfect result, thanks to decades of cumulative expertise in plumbing.

Why Choose Heritage Plumbing Group for Whirlybird Installation Melbourne?

Heritage Plumbing are one of Melbourne’s top whirlybird installers because we take into account every detail when completing the job.

From understanding the requirements of your roof and property to demonstrate the number of whirlybirds you need, through to the safe and compliant installation of your new whirlybird, we can help you save costs on the heating and cooling in your home.

Whirlybird Installation Melbourne FAQs

Do whirlybirds let rain in?

No, whirlybirds do not let rain in.

Do whirlybirds make a difference?

Absolutely! A properly installed whirlybird can reduce the temperature in a hot house by up to 20 degrees!

How do you set up a whirlybird?

It is always advisable to have a qualified roofing professional install a whirlybird on your roof.

Why do whirlybirds stop spinning?

Whirlybirds are powered by the wind, so if a whirlybird is not spinning, it’s because there is no wind to power it.

Do whirlybirds make noise?

A working whirlybird driven by the wind is silent, but if it’s causing noise, it’s most likely damaged or broken.

Do whirlybirds make your house colder in winter?

No. In fact, they prevent your house from becoming colder because they remove any dampness from your roof space thanks to the ventilation they provide.

Why is my whirlybird squeaking?

If your whirlybird is squeaking, it is more than likely damaged or broken. You should call Heritage Plumbing to conduct a roof inspection.

How much air does a whirlybird move?

A typical whirlybird can move approximately 100 cubic metres of air per hour (at zero resistance).

Do whirlybirds actually work?

Whirlybirds efficiently ventilate the room or space below by removing hot air from your roof cavity. However, they do depend on airflow to work properly.

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