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Leaking Tap Repair & Replacements Melbourne

Over time, taps can begin to leak for various reasons and will require service.

Depending on which kind of tap you have, the reason may be different. In Australia, we generally use four varieties of taps.

1. The most common tap we see in Australia is the classic cross handle spindle tap. This tap contains jumper valves, more commonly known as washers, which wear out over time, resulting in water dripping from the tap. We can provide leaking taps service in Melbourne by replacing washers and servicing the other components in the tap, such as o-rings and spindles. This will result in your tap operating like new.

2. Another set of common taps are half turn and quarter turn taps. As the name suggests, these taps rotate a minimal amount (either 90 or 180 degrees) between full flow and closed valve. Rather than washers, these taps usually contain ceramic disks, which are specific to the manufacturer of the tapware, and require specialised tools and procedure to repair. We assess your half turn and quarter turn taps, and provide you with a recommendation on whether it’s best to service or replace the entire unit.

3. Mixer taps, also known as lever taps, are commonly used in kitchens today. They usually have a single lever on them, allowing you to blend the water temperature accordingly. mixer taps operate with cartridges, rather than washers, and require specialised tools to access and replace. The cartridge replacement can often be more costly than replacing the entire tap, so we will assess the leak and provide you with the most economical and efficient recommendation.

4. Finally, sensor taps are another popular form of tap seen around Australian homes and businesses, though more commonly seen in commercial settings. Their popularity in commercial settings can be attributed to the level of hygiene they deliver during operation. Sensor taps engage via motion, and do not require hand contact in order to turn them on or off. Because they contain an electrical component, they can be more complex to repair. However, we have the technology and expertise to repair them. In addition to these four taps, there is another that is beginning to emerge around both commercial and domestic settings. These taps can instantly produce boiled, chilled, ambient, and even sparkling water, and are extremely convenient for the user. Currently, the two major manufacturers of these units in Australia are Zip Tap and Billi. We have undergone extensive training from these companies in how to service and repair their systems.

Tap Installation Melbourne

We install and replace all types of taps, including spindle and mixers taps. We can supply and install any brand of tap. We also offer our high-quality leaking taps service in Melbourne.

To have a new tap installed in Melbourne, or get service on an existing one, call us today on 03 9498 0458.

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