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Backflow Prevention Device Installation, Testing Melbourne

What is Backflow?

Backflow occurs when water flows in the opposite direction to that which it should, causing water from your property to enter back into the utility service mains, causing potential contaminants to spread into the water system. This allows adulterated water to spread to other users.

Unlike many other parts of the world, we in Australia have the luxury of clean drinking water. All our buildings require water that is safe for consumption, so we must ensure that the proper precautions are in place to maintain this.

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At Heritage Plumbing, we are experts in making sure that properties everywhere aren’t flushing toxins back into our city’s main water supply. This is where backflow devices come in. Backflow devices are installed to stop any contaminants from entering the water supply, and can be a legal requirement depending on the level of hazard represented at a property.

Backflow devices must be installed and periodically tested by an authorised backflow tester to ensure safe and efficient operation. As qualified backflow prevention device installers and testers in Melbourne, we will provide you with all appropriate reporting regarding the operation of the devices.

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