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Founders Driven for Success: Lifestyle Tradie Feature

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  • 22 - 01 - 2020
  • By Heritage Plumbing

Founders Driven for Success: Lifestyle Tradie Feature

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Running a growing business requires knowledge of your trade, perseverance and a positive support network. Our very own Adrian and Michael share their passion for operating a successful plumbing business in issue 56 of Lifestyle Tradie.

As founders of the business, they have both developed an extensive appetite to constantly improve their establishment, offer a positive work environment for staff and provide their customers with excellent service.


Lifestyle Tradie is an award-winning trade business educator which assists small, growing and successful businesses to reach new heights. They help business owners and operators regain control of their business so that they can set new goals, implement positive changes and make possibilities a reality. We are a proud member of Lifestyle Tradie because we strongly value the importance of developing our business knowledge, building our resources, enhancing our network and reviewing our processes.


Like any business, the rate of success is dependent on the owners and managers taking an honest look at how the business is operating. At Heritage Plumbing Group, we are constantly aware of what we need to do to improve and have taken active steps to implement changes for the better. This has helped us to ensure that our executives and staff are working effectively so that we can, as a collective, better serve our clients and develop innovative solutions to new plumbing challenges.


Here are three tips and tricks based on our experience in running a growing business:


1. Use a CRM system – keeping track of our clients, pipeline, financial metrics, opportunities and conversion rates are important. This helps us to review our business with an interactive dashboard so that we are constantly aware of the health of our business.


2. Be responsible, but delegate where required – sometimes the executives or staff can become tied up completing ineffective tasks. While taking responsibility for tasks is important, remember to delegate activities so that you are completing the tasks that you are good at. This will help you identify any resource gaps within your business.


3. Have a supportive network – being surrounded by like-minded people is a good way to test your knowledge, identify opportunities, learn new things and make meaningful friendships. Otherwise, the time that you spend networking will not be productive.


As you learn every day and develop with each new step in the right direction, your business will take shape and grow into the establishment you have always dreamed about. It is important to be resilient, positively reinforce your staff and ensure that you are taking steps to constantly improve the operations. Not only will these steps improve the business’s bottom line but also increase the rate of customer satisfaction and open up new opportunities.


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