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Skylights Installation Doreen

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  • 11 - 10 - 2019
  • By Heritage Plumbing
skylights installation doreen

Sarah has lived in her home in Doreen for some time, and found that due to the layout of the house, the kitchen had little to no natural light – meaning lights needed to be turned on during the day!


In search of a solution, Sarah made the decision to call our office and reached our administrative specialist Celeste.


After speaking with Sarah, Celeste arranged for Matt to attend and investigate the possible options to provide more light to the kitchen area.


Matt determined that in order to provide better lighting to the area, there were two options:


A traditional skylight could be installed, or as a more cost effective option, we could install an Illume Skylight alternative with a dimmer switch. Just like a traditional skylight the Illume Skylight alternative would brighten the space reflecting external light conditions, and would be entirely powered by solar energy – meaning no increase in utility costs.


After discussing the options, Sarah decided to proceed with the Illume Skylight alternative in the kitchen area.


Once materials were on hand, Matt returned to site with an electrician (who relocated a nearby downlight). Matt carefully cut the plaster and installed the skylight alternative, dimming switch and a solar panel to the roof.


Of course, Matt made sure to connect and program the dimming switch and tested it to make sure it worked, he then left everything in a tidy manner, leaving no rubbish or mess behind.


Sarah now has a well lit kitchen, with the ability to either brighten or dim the amount of light and no need to have lights on during the day.


At Heritage Plumbing Group, we aim to provide our customers with a great experience, at an affordable price, and this is just one example of our skylights installation service in Doreen.


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