Leaking Toilet Cistern Melbourne

Leaking Toilet Cistern Melbourne

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  • 13 - 10 - 2019
  • By Heritage Plumbing
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Leaking Toilet Cistern

Jessica received a very large water bill. She was very concerned that her next bill was going to be just as high and that her house might be getting damaged due to water leaking somewhere on her property.


In search of a solution, Jessica made the decision to call our office and reached our administrative specialist Celeste.


After speaking with Jessica, Celeste arranged for Matt to attend and investigate the issue.


Matt took a look at the water meter to see if it was ticking over (which it was at the time). Matt also assessed all the fixtures around the house to see if there was any water coming through and/or undue noise.


Once he got to the second bathroom he noticed that the cistern was consistently running. When Matt asked how long this had been happening, he was told that it had been occurring for some time.


Matt provided a couple of solutions to Jessica; Either service the existing cistern or install a brand new one. Given the age of the existing cistern, and the potential need for a new inlet and outlet valve, installation of a brand new cistern was deemed the better option.


Once Jessica reached her decision, Matt installed the new cistern and even tidied up the marks that had accumulated behind the old cistern.


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