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Signs You May Need Roof Repairs

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  • 15 - 08 - 2021
  • By Heritage Plumbing

Roof Repairs

Do you remember how your parents used to tell you to be grateful that ‘you have a roof over your head’?

Well, they had a point!

When you think about it, the roofs over our heads protect us from a lot.

From the rain, the heat and the hail, you really do have a lot to thank the roof over your head for.

And from time-to-time you need to return the favour and look after your roof, too.

At Heritage Plumbing, our expert roof plumbing team can help you ensure that you consistently and proactively look after your roof with regular inspections and repairs.

However, the reality is that for many, their attention only turns to their roof when something has gone wrong.

As always, proactive management from qualified roof plumbers is your best bet to ensure your roof stays in tip-top shape and can continue to look after you.

That said, here are some signs that you may need roof repairs.


One of the first and most visible symptoms of a problem is a leaking roof.

If a minor leak occurs any time it rains, it can quickly escalate into a huge headache.

Who needs to race around the house every time it rains, carefully lining up buckets with a leaking roof? Definitely not us!

And what happens if it rains when you’re out – whether for the day or for a month? Your carpets and curtains are in bad shape…

Watermarks and stains on the roof, even during the drier seasons, may indicate a leaking roof.

Attempting to fix it yourself might end up damaging your roof even more. The best way to put an end to leaks for good is to employ a licenced roofer to complete the job properly.


Any sagging of your roof, whether visible from the inside or the outside, is a sure sign of roof damage.

If you see sagging, the roof may even need to be replaced entirely.

If you see any signs of sagging on your roof, you should immediately call a Melbourne roof plumber to inspect.

Damaged Roof Flashings

Roof flashing is a thin, often metal material used by experienced roofers to guide water away from sensitive areas of the roof, such as where the roof plane meets a vertical surface such as a wall or a dormer. Roof elements such as vents, chimneys, and skylights are surrounded by flashing.

Flashing can be made of lead, cement or tar in older households. These materials, however, are subject to deterioration over time. Look for signs of holes, splits, or worn-out places on the roof. To stop leakage and the need for premature roof repair or reconstruction, consider replacing all of your existing flashings with more recent metal flashing.

Roof Guttering Issues

In Melbourne, roof guttering is particularly important.

With the Melbourne weather known for its unpredictability, it’s important to have clean and well maintained gutters all year round.

Gutters are important for protecting your home because they drain rainwater from your roof before it pools.

If water is pouring out of your gutter like a waterfall any time it rains, you might have a blocked downpipe or gutter. Debris, soil, and plant growth in your gutter will obstruct its work and cause additional damage to your roof.

When this happens, it’s time to contact a Melbourne roof plumber to come and inspect.

We recommend having your gutters inspected and cleaned at least twice a year.

Of course, if you notice any issues, you should get them checked right away.

Ceiling Stains

Brown ceilings are a negative sign, and they often indicate that something is wrong with the roof.

Ceiling stains are common in active roof leaks, particularly in ceiling corners and near exhaust fans. Worse, there’s most likely a disgusting mould on the other side!

If you see any discoloration on your roof, have your local roofing contractor check it for any leaks or injury.

Cracked Tiling

If you see any scratched or missing tiles, they must be replaced right away.

Tile roofing is very resilient and seldom has to be completely replaced, however if you ignore individual broken tiles, water will seep in and rot the wood that supports the roof, necessitating a much more costly repair or renovation.

Of course, there are now a wide range of different possibilities when it comes to roofing, such as colorbond roofing.

If you don’t want to run the risk of cracked or damaged tiles and are looking for a new look for your property a colorbond roofing installation might be a great choice.

At Heritage Plumbing, our qualified team of roof plumbers can assist with colorbond roofing installation and we can help with skylights installation and even roof vents!

Heritage Plumbing for all your roof plumbing requirements!

At Heritage Plumbing, we provide a wide range of roofing facilities that are uniquely customised to your property’s needs.

When it comes to providing the perfect final result for our clients, our team of Melbourne roofing professionals receives regular education to ensure they are consistently working at the highest levels of craftsmanship, safety, and service.

Our roof plumbing meets or exceeds Australian requirements in every way.

We appreciate how vital your home is to you, which is why our team takes the time to get to know you and your needs—whether you’re trying to re-roof a house or just want to know how much roofing installation or renovation would cost at your home.

Contact us today for all your roof plumbing requirements!

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