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Bespoke Bathroom Renovations Melbourne!

Are you tired of using the same bathroom day in and day out? Are you unhappy about the sight of mould, grime, and other deteriorating effects? If you think that your bathroom needs a facelift, it might be worthwhile to engage a professional plumber for bathroom renovations.

Whether you require a large or small bathroom renovation, our technicians are available to convert your bathroom into a spectacular area. We are equipped, qualified and experienced to conduct all types of bathroom renovations in Melbourne.

The team at Heritage Plumbing Group can provide complete bathroom renovation solutions in accordance with your plans, specifications and design preferences. We are familiar with traditional and modern bathrooms and have converted all types of bathrooms with premium renovation services.

We take time to scope out the project, consider any structural or plumbing modifications, help you choose the right fixtures and fittings and execute the project in accordance with your timeline and your budget. If you need help with bathroom renovation services, contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

Heritage Plumbing Group, experts in bathroom renovations Melbourne, offers professional, bespoke services to transform your bathroom with style and quality.

Our Company has variety of Tradesman including: 

• Estimators  • Plumbers  • Carpenters  • Electricians  • Plasterers  • Waterproofers • Tilers  • Cabinet Makers  • Painters  • Caulkers


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Believe it or not, your bathroom is the second most used area of your home after your bedroom. Therefore, it is important that you design your bathroom to suit your exact needs and requirements. It should have all the features you need, plenty of storage space and the necessary fittings to provide you with the comfort you deserve. Our professional bathroom renovations services include custom bathroom designs that you can tailor and personalise.


Made as per Australian Standards

Our professional bathroom renovations are conducted in accordance with applicable National Construction Code guidelines, Australian Standards and other relevant regulatory requirements. Our technicians are qualified, skilled and experienced plumbers who conduct bathroom renovation services to an exemplary quality.

During the renovation services, our plumbers will make recommendations to modify your bathroom for the better. For the best bathroom renovations in Melbourne, have a discussion with us because we accommodate both large and small bathroom renovations.

Fixtures & Fittings provided

As a professional bathroom renovation expert in Melbourne, we offer premium bathroom renovation services at affordable prices. If you would like to transform your bathroom, let us know your needs and requirements so that we can put together a proposal to help you achieve the outcome you desire.

Our services include installing the fixtures and fittings you like in addition to the plumbing services. We can suggest these from our suppliers, or you can source your own fixtures and fittings depending on your design preferences and requirements.

Quick Turnaround

If you want to know more about our quick bathroom renovation services, please contact us on (03) 9498 0458. We offer bathroom renovations in Melbourne at affordable bathroom renovation prices to suit your schedule.

Our service will include assessing your needs and requirements, analysing your existing bathroom, scoping your project, walking you through the specifics, confirming the project and timeline, executing the project and then showcasing your revamped bathroom in all its glory.

This is our standard service and we always tailor our approach to suit your individual needs. Let us know how we can help you today!


How we work

We manage the entire project along with all other trades.



During our first interaction, we take down your enquiry and discuss your bathroom renovation service needs



We then organise a consultation with our specialist at your home. We take time to know you better and to see the bathroom that needs to be renovated. We discuss layouts, fixtures, fittings, modifications, colours and more, and assess your timeline and budget.



We then work with our designers to develop a suitable floorplan and 3D visual of your new bathroom with all fixtures, fittings and colours included. This helps give an indicative picture of what the renovation will look like.



Depending on which design and plan you like, we provide a quote for your review. We can modify the quote based on any changes that you might have.



Once we are approved by you to commence work, we perform the bathroom renovation service in accordance with your timeline and schedule. We keep you posted along the way.

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With carefully coordinated project management, we ensure that all our trades operate harmoniously, on time and in accordance with the specifications to deliver your new bathroom.


Need help visualising your ultimate bathroom?

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, express your needs and desires so that we can put together the plan, specifications and design that will tick all the boxes!

How to plan your perfect bathroom:

  1. Set up and design your bathroom in 2D.
  2. Select your favourite Reece product.
  3. Add your finishing touches.
  4. Review your bathroom in 3D.

Start your design with reece

Want to have a go yourself? Check out the reece app here >

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne - FAQs

Do I need development consent to renovate my bathroom?

Building permits are not generally required where there are no structural changes. However, this should be assessed on a case by case basis depending on the scope of the bathroom renovation. You may also need other types of approvals, such as from your Owners’ Corporation.

Do I need to waterproof the entire bathroom floor or just the shower recess?

This will depend on the type of bathroom renovation services being conducted and the applicable regulatory guidelines. If you are renovating the entire bathroom, you must tank (waterproof) all wet areas.

Can I tile over existing tiles?

This is not the recommended approach. We prefer to remove existing tiles so that we tile over a clean and well-prepared surface. If the surface needs to be raised or modified, we can use other equipment and/or materials to achieve that outcome.

Is an extractor fan necessary or can I just open a window to get rid of the steam?

Bathroom ventilation requirements vary. In general, a bathroom and toilet area must have a well-equipped extractor fan capable of extracting 25 L/s (i.e. the minimum flow rate).

Are there any safety rules I need to consider when deciding where to place electrical switches and outlets in the bathroom?

Yes. You should engage an electrical contractor who is qualified in this area of work. Positioning switches, outlets and other electrical feature requirements apply.

Will an instantaneous or continuous flow hot water system meet the needs of my family?

This depends on your needs and requirements. You can purchase an instantaneous or continuous flow hot water system that releases hot water when you need it. Or you can purchase a storage hot water system that holds hot water in a tank.

How Much is Bathroom Renovations Cost in Melbourne?

The bathroom renovation price depends on the scope of the job, cost of materials, cost of new fixtures and fittings and other variables. We can scope and estimate the cost following a no-obligation discussion.

Is It Cheaper to Renovate Two Bathrooms?

There might be some cost savings due to the utilisation of plumbers and other resources across two jobs. However, the overall cost will be higher with some cost-savings due to performing two jobs at the same site at once.

How Long Does It Take to Renovate a Bathroom?

This depends on the scope of works. For small bathroom renovations, the work can be completed in a few days to a couple of weeks. For a larger bathroom renovation, you might need to put aside 2-3 weeks.

Can We Still Use the Toilet Once You Start?

When we start working, we do isolate the water service for safety reasons. This means that you cannot use appliances that use water, such as the toilet.

How Does the Entire Process Work?

In a nutshell, our standard service will include assessing your needs and requirements, analysing your existing bathroom, scoping your project, walking you through the specifics, confirming the project and timeline, executing the bathroom renovation services and then showcasing your revamped bathroom in all its glory.

Do You Supply Fixtures and Tiles?

We can procure fixtures and tiles from our suppliers. We can also install fixtures and tiles that you have acquired from your own suppliers.

Are You Fully Licensed?

Yes. We hold the necessary permits, approvals, licences and insurances to operate a professional plumbing and gas-fitting business.

Do I Have To Be Home during the Renovations?

This is entirely up to you. You can either remain in the house (although you will not be able to use the bathroom that is being renovated!) or enjoy your time away from home while we get to work.

Do I Have To Cover My Belongings up?

We can work with you to identify what belongings and/or parts of the property need to be covered or moved. Our technicians take care with your property, so this generally is not an issue.

What should you not do when remodelling a bathroom?

Be practical with the type of bathroom renovation services you require. Depending on your budget and needs, you may consider a facelift or other type of basic renovation is sufficient if you are not fussed about the look and operation.

What's the most expensive part of a bathroom renovation?

This depends. Usually its our labour given our professional bathroom renovations experience. However, premium fixture and fittings can command an even higher price (but that goes to the supplier, not us!).