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High-Pressure Water Jet Drain Cleaning Melbourne

When clearing blockages, and repairing blocked drains in Melbourne, we use a selection of effective techniques.

High Powered Cleaning For Tough Blockages

Having a blocked sink, stormwater or sewer drain can be pretty unpleasant and cause great interference on your property. Blockages can happen due to a number of causes, all of which our team of professionals at Heritage Plumbing are well equipped to handle. In the case that a blocked drain is causing you grief, call us to come and resolve the situation.

We know that sometimes things can happen suddenly, which is why we have team members available for emergency service.

When clearing blockages and repairing blocked drains in Melbourne, we use a selection of effective techniques. However, when it comes to stubborn blockages, we opt for the most powerful and advanced methods. One such being high pressure jets. These powerful jets require no digging or chemicals, and have the ability to reach far away blockages. Tree roots are safely dislodged, whilst debris build ups are washed away, and pipes are thoroughly cleaned. If you need a drain unblocker that works, look no further than high pressure jet drain cleaning.

At Heritage Plumbing, our skilled team of experts utilise the latest in state of the art high pressure cleaning equipment to fix your drain problems. A powerful alternative to excavation, our equipment is designed to make the job quick, economical and easy—saving you both time and money. After having cleared thousands of blockages across the city, we know how to provide quality drain cleaning in Melbourne.

How Does The High Pressure Jet Work?

Pumping at 5000 psi, our high pressure jets streams through your drains and has the ability to slice through solid debris like a knife. Due to the narrow and hard to reach nature of a drain, solid cutting objects cannot be used to clear blockages, which is why a more flexible approach must be utilised.

Due to the powerful nature of the high pressure jet, it’s important that only trained professionals operate the equipment. Because the pressure is so high, it has the ability to cut through solid materials, creating a safety hazard. Our team is qualified to operate the equipment in the safest way possible, allowing you to sit back and relax while your drains are cleaned.

Jet drain cleaning is the fast and effective way to clear blocked pipes. If you need your drains checked out and cleared by our state of the art high pressure jets, contact our Melborune team today by calling 03 9498 0458.

As a part of our drain unblocking services, we offer following drain plumbing services across Melbourne:

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