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Heritage Plumbing Sets Up Gin Distillery

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  • 09 - 09 - 2019
  • By Heritage Plumbing
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Patient Wolf Distilling Co. are set to open the largest independent gin distillery in South Bank in early September. Currently serving the community from Brunswick, Patient Wolf are heading south into the city’s vibrant food and drink scene. Renovation works are currently underway to convert an existing warehouse into a state-of-the-art distillery. Heritage Plumbing Group have been engaged to attend to various plumbing matters to ensure the distillery looks its best and functions appropriately.


The owners of the iconic Patient Wolf are keen to provide the ultimate gin tasting and enjoyment experience in South Bank. With a fully functional production facility comprising a 220 litre copper still by leading German-manufacturer Müller, guests will be able to try various types of gin with family and friends or sit back and watch the next batch of gin being produced. Patient Wolf are set to acquire a 1,000 litre copper still next year.



The bar at the Patient Wolf will seat approximately 30 guests. In addition to trying Australian-made rare and limited editions gins, guests will also have the opportunity to tour the distillery and learn a few things about producing gin during live masterclasses with the experts who operate behind the scenes. Not only will guests appreciate the unique tastes of gin, they will embrace the processes that are involved to produce a fine bottle of gin.


Heritage Plumbing Group have completed various plumbing jobs at the premises. Typical tasks include:

  • installed new hot, tempered and cold waterlines throughout;
  • installed new drainage points throughout;
  • installed pumped sewer lines from the bar to the existing sewer stack;
  • minor plumbing roof works;
  • applied for large commercial gas meter with relevant gas authority and Energy safe Victoria; and
  • installed new gas meter.


In addition, a few specific and bespoke tasks were completed including:

  • cut concrete in carpark to run new gas pipeline which will run at 7KPA;
  • ensured all safety requirements and regulations were met for gas line – audits were in place from Energy Safe Victoria (see ESV’s requirements here);
  • disconnected and removed all existing components from the existing warehouse;
  • re-installed all current taps, sinks, still and other various items to ensure gin can be still produced to a high standard; and
  • installed boiler room to cater for the new 1,000 litre Müller still.


The new bar is set to revolutionise the atmosphere at South Bank as guests are given the opportunity to taste gin produced directly from the facility. With the community setting high expectations for the grand opening in September, we have taken great care with our plumbing workmanship which is at the level we apply in all jobs. We hope you look forward to joining us at the grand opening of Patient Wolf’s distillery in Southbank.


For more information, please contact us today on (03) 9498 0458.

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