Cloudy Water Tap Causes & Solutions

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  • 07 - 05 - 2024
  • By Sharp Instincts
Cloudy Water Tap

What is it?

Cloudy water is caused by tiny air bubbles that result from water at different temperatures entering our system from the main water supply.


What causes it?

At times, the water that comes out of your taps may look cloudy or white. Usually, this is due to the accumulation of oxygen or minerals in your water supply. Any alteration in the pressure or temperature of water results in an increase in the quantity of oxygen in it. This sudden spike in oxygen levels creates air bubbles, leading to the appearance of cloudy, white, or milky-looking water.


Is it harmful?

While cloudy drinking water caused by trapped air is safe for consumption, water that appears brown, yellow, green, or cloudy may be harmful to drink.


Is this fixable?

When you encounter cloudy water, a standard solution is to wait a while for the air to settle naturally. It’s a good idea to consider installing a water filtration system if the water test reveals that the cloudiness results from sediment buildup, hard water, or bacteria. Remove the aerator and clean it with vinegar if the cloudy water is isolated to just one faucet. Rinse it well and then reinstall it.


How do you remove cloudy water from your taps?

Tap water is purified through a water filtration system, which removes sand, silt, clay and other impurities, producing clean and clear water.


Cloudy water prevention

Running the cold tap closest to your water meter on full flow will eliminate any trapped air in your water supply.


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