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What is InSinkErator & Why You Should Install InSinkErator In Your Kitchen?

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  • 22 - 02 - 2021
  • By Heritage Plumbing

What is InSinkErator

InSinkErator is a product known as the Food Waste Disposer which is revolutionising food waste disposal in household kitchens. Garbage disposal has never been made so easy than with this ingenious device that liquefies food waste down the kitchen sink and passes it through the sewage network using water. Avoid having a smelly bin with food waste sitting around the kitchen for days attracting pests in an unhygienic manner. InSinkErator has been carefully designed to comply with sewage disposal regulations and carefully grinds the food waste with blades to avoid drains becoming blocked.


The cost to purchase and install InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer depends on the model you would like to install and the setup of your kitchen and sewage network. Following an inspection by a licenced plumber, we can prepare a quote based on the most appropriate installation method. We install InSinkErator systems across Melbourne and Greater Victoria. The systems are designed to be maintenance free provided you treat the device with care, do not flush items that are not meant for the InSinkErator and use it regularly so that the system does not dry out.

Here are 5 reasons why you should install InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer in your kitchen.

1. Clean and hygienic kitchen

Maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen with the InSinkerErator Food Waste Disposer. Immediately after food preparation, you can dispose food scraps down the kitchen sink. The system will work its magic and liquefy the waste into fine particles that will pass through the sewage system. This helps to avoid handling food waste to the bin and keeps your kitchen bench clean on a daily basis.

2. Less garbage waste

With the InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer, you will have less garbage waste. You will not need to fill bin liners with garbage waste that attract pests and create unpleasant smells when the garbage sits prior to collection day. All food waste is disposed immediately in a safe manner and on a continuous basis.

3. Retrofitted in the kitchen

The InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer can be retrofitted into any kitchen. Whether you are building a new home, renovating your kitchen or want to install the device in an existing kitchen, this can be achieved by a licenced plumber. The InSinkErator is installed underneath your existing or new sink (inside the cupboard) and then connected to the sewage pipe network. Installation is quick and easy, and the device does not take up too much space.

4. Environmentally responsible

Be environmentally responsible with the Food Waste Disposer. Avoid more waste going to landfill by using a smart and innovative technological solution that liquefies food waste and passes it through the sewage waste network. Less waste in landfill helps the planet and supports a more resilient environment.

5. Noiseless operation

The InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer operates quietly during operation. You will not even notice it is working to liquefy your food waste. The noiseless operation is great when you are entertaining because it will quietly work in the background and keep your kitchen clean and tidy. It will also dispose waste continuously so that you do not have to pile up too much waste before disposing.


At Heritage Plumbing Group, we can install InSinkErator food disposal waste systems in your kitchen. Maintain a safe and hygienic kitchen with a reliable and effective system that disposes food in liquefied form which escapes the property through the sewage network. For more information about InSinkErator, or to book in an installation appointment, please contact the team on (03) 9498 0458.

InSinkErator – FAQs

Question: How does an InSinkErator work?

Answer: The InSinkErator food waste disposal system is an innovative way to dispose food down the sink. Avoid disposing food in a bin, attracting pests and creating unpleasant smells. Dispose food immediately through the sewage system that is safe, hygienic and reduces landfill waste.


Question: How long does an InSinkErator last?

Answer: The usual life of an InSinkErator is approximately 10-15 years. The duration will depend on how often the device is used, whether the device has been operated correctly and well maintained.


Question: Do you need to empty an InSinkErator?

Answer: No. The system will ground the food waste into fine particles which are then flushed down into the sewage waste pipe. The grinding process avoids food deposits causing clogged drains because food waste passes in liquefied form.


Question: Where does InSinkErator waste go?

Answer: The waste passes into the sewage network and out of the property. Since the deposits are ground into fine particles and turned into a liquefied form, they easily pass through the network with the force of water.

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