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Victoria’s Plumbing Regulations 2018

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  • 29 - 11 - 2018
  • By Heritage Plumbing
Victoria's Plumbing Regulation

At Heritage Plumbing Group, we take training and staying in compliance very seriously. To ensure we deliver the best plumbing services possible and utilize the latest techniques, tools, and strategies, we make every effort to keep abreast of the new changes that take place in the plumbing industry.

Heritage Plumbing Group has been operating as plumbing technicians for the past 40 years. During the last 10 years, we have been implementing services according to the Plumbing Regulations 2008 that has been put in place by the Victorian Building Authority. Now that the new regulations are established, we will provide the same great services by operating within the new guidelines.

The new plumbing regulations for 2018 have been presented by the Victorian Building Authority and the Energy Safe Victorian.

There will be changes to the industry that will have an impact on gas safety and installation as well as plumbing regulations in general; all of which will assist us with providing plumbing services according to the updated regulations.

Why the 2008 Plumbing Regulations Expired?

Regulations in Victoria have automatically expired after being in operation for 10 years. This practice is referred to as the sunset of a regulation according to the Victorian Building Authority. As a result, the Plumbing Regulations 2008 that have previously been used to guide and regulate the plumbing industry will expire or sunset on November 18, 2018. Hence they have been replaced by the Plumbing Regulations 2018.

Key Changes to Victoria’s Plumbing Regulations

The plumbing regulations that were put into practice in 2008 have been replaced with new plumbing regulations. The changes are being made to ensure plumbing, gas and other related services are provided based on the most recent and comprehensive studies and surveys performed.

The new regulations are based on the changes that have taken place in the industry in general, which ensure that all plumbing related services are performed in a safe and competent manner.

Some of the changes that have taken place consist of the following:

  • Regulations concerning the minimum experience requirement as it relates to licensing
  • Confirmation of routine servicing associated with fire protection equipment
  • Work concerning refrigerated air conditioning that needs to be reclassified, along with gas fitting work associated with the main classes
  • Single-head split systems and thermostatic mixing valves will have a new transitional arrangement requirement

Each of the areas above is explained in more detailed below.

1. New Regulations For The Minimum Experience For Licensing Requirement

Beginning November 18, 2018, an additional two year period will be added for plumbers to acquire practical experience before they can meet eligibility requirements for licensing classes that involves plumbing work.

After the apprenticeship has been completed, two additional years of practical experience is required before an application for a plumbing license can be submitted. Applicants that apply without an apprenticeship background is also required to obtain two additional years of practical experience as well.

2. Confirmation For Routine Servicing Associated With Fire Protection Equipment

Since there has been some uncertainty about the meaning of fire protection work, it is addressed in the Plumbing Regulations 2018. Although this is not necessarily a change that is being made, it does clarify this area.  A specific reference regarding routine servicing has also been added to clarify the definition of fire protection work.

3. Refrigerated Air Conditioning Work Requires Reclassification, Along With Gas Fitting Work Associated With Main Classes

Those who were previously classified as a specialized class according to the Plumbing Regulation 2008 guidelines have been reclassified. This consists of those who perform refrigerated air conditioning work and gasfitting work. As a result, they will no longer be required to register in the gasfitting class to meet the eligibility requirements normally needed to become licensed in this area.

4. New Transitional Arrangement Requirements For Technicians Who Service Single-Head Split Systems And Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Technicians that perform thermostatic mixing valve and related work will not see the implementation of new regulations in 2018. Since thermostatic mixing valve is a new, specialized class of work that involves alterations, repair, testing and the maintenance of thermostatic mixing valve, this class will be subject to a delay of up to 12 months before it is fully implemented.

Other Changes

Other changes that will be made consist of those that involve technical services that are related to backflow protection for water points.  Particularly those that are adjacent to toilets and sanitary drains that run underneath building structures.

Changes Made to Definitions of Classes of Work

Technicians will also notice that there will be changes made to the definitions that are typically referred to as the scope of work for most classes. This along with other specialized classes of work will notice changes made to there definitions as well.

Changes to be Made to Approved Units of Competency

In addition to the changes that will take place as indicated above, the Plumbing Regulations 2018 will provide qualifications that are required before one can register to become licensed in each class of work, which consist of the VBA’s approved units of competencies. They will be updated based on the commencement of the Plumbing Regulations 2018.

The completion of the approved units of competency will take place for licensing and registration along with all of the classes and all of the specialized classes of plumbing work. This must also take place along with the completion of an examination required by the VBA.

Most of the new plumbing regulations have been implemented on November 18, 2018, while the others will be implemented by late 2019.  The Victorian Building Authority works directly with the Department of Environment Land, Water and planning to assist them with their efforts.

The Victorian Building Authority and the Energy Safe Victoria has made this information available to plumbing practitioners and related industry professionals. Heritage Plumbing Group has ensured that each of our technicians adhere to the new plumbing regulations 2018 so that they continue to deliver top plumbing services while operating in compliance.

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