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How Heritage Plumbing Implemented A Complex Commercial Roof Plumbing Job

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  • 08 - 10 - 2019
  • By Heritage Plumbing
commercial roof plumbing jobs

Since we began roof plumbing almost a decade ago, we have solved every issue that can occur in roofing. From simple roof installations to challenging re-roofing services, Heritage Plumbing has completed every kind of roofing job possible. Our solutions always deliver the highest quality workmanship, service and safety standards because we go above and beyond to provide the best results. We recently demonstrated this when our expert team implemented a complex commercial roof plumbing job in Melbourne.

Commercial Roof Plumbing Job

Not too long ago, Heritage Plumbing was contacted by a large logistics company to solve their roofing issue. Even though the client had skylight roof sheets installed, their factory was still very dull during the day. They engaged our fully qualified team to deliver a solution that also ensured their workers’ safety and did not disrupt the factory’s workflow.


At Heritage Plumbing, we are passionate about truly understanding your specific problem. During this job, we worked closely with the client to understand their unique roof plumbing issue. Doing this allowed us to use our expertise to deliver the best solution for their exact needs. Our top priority was to provide the client with outstanding results that upheld the highest levels of workmanship, service and safety.


After thoroughly understanding the client’s problem, we inspected the factory’s roof so we could diagnose the cause of the issue. Our experienced team determined that the existing fibreglass roof sheets were causing the dull lighting problem. Since these sheets had diminished to fibres, this was enabling them to collect dust and dirt. As a result, this was not allowing ample light into the factory.


We solved this challenging commercial roof plumbing job by implementing a solution that provided the highest standards of workmanship and safety. Our first challenge was to get the 22 new 16-metre fibreglass skylights onto the roof without damaging them or causing risk or injury to anyone. To do this, we used a crane to hoist the sheets onto the roof without creating too much of a dead load. Our skilled team knew that it was imperative to spread this load across the roof while the job was carried out.


When we removed the existing skylights and replaced them with new sheets, we also needed to maintain a safe workplace and allow the workflow to continue. We ensured this by barricading off each area with a spotter until we installed the new sheets. Doing this prevented any tools or materials from falling onto the factory floor below. In this way, workers were kept safe and could continue working as we carried out the roof plumbing job.


Our final challenge was ensuring that the new skylights would not make the same “creaking” noise the old sheets made. We determined that this noise was occurring because there were no foam strips installed. Our team solved this by fitting foam strips between the new skylights and steel purlins. As a result, this created a quieter workplace.


After completing this complex commercial roof plumbing job, we asked the client for their feedback. They said that they could not be happier with the professionalism and safety precautions which were carried out on the project. Since the new skylight roof sheets and foam strips resulted in more light and less noise, their factory workers could now see stock levels a lot clearer and enjoy a quieter workplace.


At Heritage Plumbing, we pride ourselves on offering the highest standards in quality and service. With decades of combined experience in roof plumbing, our team know how to go above and beyond to provide the desired outcome. During this challenging commercial job, we listened to our client’s concerns and provided them with a solution tailored to their needs, so they were 100% satisfied with the results.


If your roof needs to be repaired, installed, replaced, restored or requires plumbing, our fully qualified team can quickly and non-invasively rectify all of these issues. When you need a roof plumber Melbourne, Heritage Plumbing is your local expert to call. For any roofing enquiry, contact us today on 03 9498 0458.

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