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10 Steps Checklist for Hiring a Plumber in Melbourne

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  • 24 - 01 - 2019
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10 Steps Checklist for Hiring a Plumber in Melbourne

If you live in Melbourne and currently have plumbing issues or if you believe that you may have some major plumbing issues in the immediate future, then it’s important to find out as much about the plumber as possible so you know who to call. To that end, you should find out information about the plumber as far in advance as you possibly can to allow yourself enough time to perform adequate research and due diligence.

Finding the right plumber is often difficult to do while you are in need of plumbing services during an emergency. However, if you plan in advance, you will be able to do some thorough research and due diligence beforehand. In doing so, you’ll be well informed, well equipped and will feel much more confident about the plumber that you bring onboard. In fact, you will have fewer surprises and likely be more satisfied with his or her work.

If you are concerned about whether you know enough information about your next plumber, or what questions to ask him or her on arrival, then the information below may be useful to you. It consists of 10 steps that you can take before hiring a plumber in Melbourne.

These tips will address some of the most common areas that consumers face difficulty when seeking out a qualified plumber.

1. Does the plumber provide the services you need?

Before you hire a plumber, make sure the plumber provides the exact services that you need. Otherwise, you will waste your time and possibly some money to bring the plumber out to evaluate the issue, only to discover that he or she does not provide the services that you need.

Asking the right questions will allow you to find out the correct information beforehand. All it takes is one quick phone call.  This approach is much more cost efficient and convenient for you and for the plumber.

2. Can the plumber provide references?

Add “check for references” to your checklist when determining whether or not you should hire a plumber in the Melbourne area. If the plumber does not have references, then it’s highly likely that his or her services were not performed well enough for anyone to vouch for his or her work. It is important to be suspicious of plumbers that cannot provide references.

3. Is the plumber licensed?

Before you hire a plumber in the Melbourne area, make sure they have the proper license to do the work that you need to be done. Often, plumbers get carried away with providing the plumbing services and they don’t take the time to show customers a copy of their license. Don’t let this happen to you. An unlicensed plumber cannot give you a plumbing certificate to certify the works. Be sure to request a copy of the plumber’s license so you can gain comfort that you’re dealing with a qualified professional.

4. Is he or she able to find the actual problem?

Some plumbing jobs are a lot more complex than others. Make sure to explain the problem to the plumber in full detail. You should thoroughly explain what is taking place, followed by asking him or her if it sounds like something he or she has repaired beforehand. If not, move on to another plumber that can provide you with the services needed for your specific plumbing problems.

5. Does the plumber have public liability insurance?

It is required by law for plumbers to have public liability insurance before performing services in Melbourne. Be sure to find out if the plumber that you are considering for the job has the required liability insurance cover. Having public liability insurance protects you as the customer as well as the plumber.

6. Does the plumbing cost meet your budget?

Sometimes plumbing costs can be extremely expensive. Often, the costs can amount to more than you budgeted for the repair work. As a result, it’s important to find out what the estimates are beforehand. That way you’ll know whether or not the plumber’s cost estimates are outside of your current budget. If it is, you may need to consider another plumber who can work within your budget to address the issue while providing the same great work.

If your plumbing situation is minor and can be repaired over time, consider having the plumber provide minimal services initially and complete the job over time.

7. Did you check with other plumbers for estimates?

When requesting quotes for a particular plumbing job, it may be difficult to determine if the price is higher than what other plumbers charge to provide the same service. To address this issue, check with several plumbers in the area to see if their fee for their the same services is similar to the initial quote that you received. Those that are a lot more expensive than others can be discarded unless the cost is justified. Sometimes the increase in cost could be justified by the quality of work performed and the quality of the materials that are used.

In the meantime, find out as much information about what the cost covers when getting estimates from multiple plumbers and compare the quotations accordingly. An accurate comparison requires a like-for-like cross-check.

8. Does the plumber guarantee their work?

Make sure the plumber that you hire guarantees their work. This could include a guarantee on the parts and materials used to repair your plumbing, as well as on the labour component for the repair work itself. That way, should something go wrong after the fact, the plumber is obliged to return to remedy the work within the warranty period.  Be sure to ask for all warranties and guarantees in writing before the work begins.

9. What materials does the plumber need to fix the issue?

Prior to hiring a plumber, find out what parts and materials are needed to properly repair the plumbing problem. The plumber must have access to these items as needed. However, additional material can significantly impact the total cost of your plumbing job, so be sure to plan for this ahead of time.

10. How are payments accepted?

Each plumber is different concerning collecting payments; what works for one, could be an inconvenience for another. Hence there’s one final point to make about what you should include on your checklist before hiring a plumber. That is, finding out what kind of payments are excepted.

None the less, not all plumbers are equipped with the technology needed to process certain types of payment options. Be sure to find this information out beforehand so that you can have the proper form of payment once the assignment has been completed.

Hopefully, this 10 step checklist has helped you in some way. It should make you feel much more confident about hiring your next plumber.

If you have more questions in relation to the best way to hire a plumber, then contact Heritage Plumbing today. We’d be more than happy to assist. We can be reached at 03 9498 0458.


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